Before I ended my week last week I heard mass with my friends and went to Rainbow Slushie. Time flies so fast. Like it was just Friday yesterday and now it is already Monday. Monday is the first day of the week.Start the week with good vibes. because we have many things to do when the week starts but I had a productive Monday because of many things. I spent this day well with my classmates and friends. I am looking forward for a fruitful week because I want that when I end my week I had done good things in school.  

Have an amazing week everyone! God Bless! 


Life of a Senior Student

Senior Year? ahhhhh. Last year in high school. Last year to prove ourselves. Many people are saying that high school is the best, and I agree to them. I had so much fun during my freshman, sophomore and junior years, many things happened. And now I am on the last year of my high school and I have many things to do. I should focus to my studies first because it is the most important. This is the most challenging year in high school. I should study hard to pass. I always put in my mind that i should prioritize important things first and that is studying because I know that education is the key for everything, though it is hard I should know how to deal with it because this is also for me, for my future.



My siblings are my parents when my mother and father is not around. They are very good to me and I am very thankful that God gave me lovable siblings though we fight, I know that fighting with siblings is normal. It is part of growing up. Now, we when we see each other we are like we did not see each other for decades. We are more close to each other right now compared when we were still small. I don’t know what is the life of an only child but I am not saying that I want to be an only child because I love to have siblings. When I am with my siblings we are like “barkadas” we go roadtrips without planning and we chill in other places. I love my siblings. 



Life is the greatest gift that God gave us. God sent us in this beautiful world because we have tasks to do. If we fail to do the tasks that are given to us we should not give up because there’s always a second chance. We must respect the life of others if we want to be respected. I know that life is full of challenges. If we only know how to deal with these challenges we can survive.

Life is full of surprises if we want to be surprised. We should enjoy life. We should always cherish the moments that we encounter because it will not happen again. Let’s enjoy everything that we do. We should carry always the best thing that we have in our face and it is our smile to start the day right and wonderful. This is life! Life must go on!








My life would not be good as this without my classmates. My classmates are my brothers and sisters in school. I am very happy that I met them. My classmates are very special to me. Being the class president for three consecutive years it molded me to become more responsible and it molded me to become a good leader but it did not happened without my classmates. I never forget that when we were in our sophomore year we are not that close because we were reshuffled. We loss many competitions in school but still we did not gave up. I admit that I had a hard time in adjusting with my new classmates but when the time came and we are close to each other we had many amazing memories.


This is our last year in high school. We only have one aim for this school year and it is that we will all march on march. We are doing all our best to fulfill our tasks as students. We are helping each other. I know that our tasks are not that easy but we always strive hard for the best to be excellent in everything that we do. I know that we can do all I owe a lot to my classmates. I know that we only have few months left before we face the next chapter of our lives and I will miss them, it sounds clingy but it is the truth. I am looking forward for many good vibes with my classmates. And I hope that we will all march on march.



Past is Past

I’ve learned a lot with this song. First if you love a person let him/her go. Second support them where they are happy. And third wait. I’ve move on and I let her go. I am happy for her because she is happy because i am happy if I made people to be happy.

I will just wait for the right girl that will not break my heart again. Right now I will just focus o my studies until I will meet the right girl that fits on me. i am very happy that my family is always there especially when I am down, they bring me up and they are telling me that I will never give up because it is just a challenge. It is part of life that you will be hurt. They are many words I’ve heard from my family. “Just wait! Many better things are coming for you.” And I realized that they are correct that’s why I’ve move on and started a new life.

True Love

This is a nice music video because it’s all about love. I choose this video because there was a time I fell in love with a girl that my heart beats faster when I see her. I told her that she is my everything. I will take good care with her heart and herself too. And I will love her ’til the very end. But unfortunately our communication stopped because of many reasons. I let her go because I want her to be happy.

I know that right now she is more happy with her life and maybe she is happy with someone else. I can’t forget her because I love her. She had been part of my life though it was not that long. I cried when it stopped. Though she hurt me I am still here for her if she needs me.

My Ateneo Life

“Do you want to study in Ateneo?” The first question that was asked by my parents to me when my sister was finding a house to stay in. Without second thought I smiled to them and said yes. My sister asked me “Are you kidding?” And I was like “No, I want to be with you”. And my mom told me that she will get the list of requirements from the registrar. And I am very happy and excited.

My life here in Ateneo started when I was in grade 5, I transferred here because I want to be with my sister. I had a hard time in adjusting with my new environment. I met new friends, new classmates and new people. It’s really hard for me because it is my first time to be away from my family. I always pray to God that he will guide me always through my ups and downs.

I am very thankful that I am studying here in Ateneo because some people wanted to study here but they can’t for some reasons. I am very grateful that I have a supportive parents that is always there for me especially when I need them. I am very thankful to God because he gave me the chance to study here in Ateneo. And I am very happy that I am a senior student right now and soon I will be called an alumnus of Ateneo.

All I can say that Ateneo is the best! I am enjoying my last 8 months here in Ateneo with my classmates, friends, teachers, and schoolmates. I am very happy that I met them. I will never forget this school because it molded me to become a good son, good student and a good friend. I salute this school and I am a proud that I am a student of Ateneo.